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  • Brewer's Hotel Bar Strip District, Pittsburgh


  • jameshilbert
    jameshilbert reviewed Brewer's Hotel Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Police watch it and it stinks like poop inside.
    Horrible place. Go there but only drink from bottles and open them yourself but use lysol on the cap first. That is if you can get waited on. All bartenders have some kind of communicable disease like hep or herpes or H(edited)V. Bring lysol and take a shower immediately after leaving. Better yet wait till someone opens the door then go in. Don't touch anything look around be amazed at the filth then LEAVE. Better yet, stay away there are a lot of other nice Gay bars to see in Pittsburgh. This is the Pits not the real Pitts and it does smell like an armpit along with a dirty butthole. The owner isnt even Gay and has been know to say he has no idea why he owns a Gay bar and his clientel is filth and doesn't even deserve a place as good as this one and he admits it is one of if not the worst places in Pittsburgh, Pa including port-o-potties in dirty parks.