45. Lived in AZ for bout 15 years. Not big fan, but it is where I found a good job. I travel whenever I can.

Phoenix, Arizona
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    hotrbtinaz reviewed All Worlds Resort
    Over a year ago

    I Liked It.

    I come to Palm Springs a lot because I live in Phoenix and it’s only a fairly short drive. The weather is almost the same but the difference is the guys and that you can relax being gay without feeling like some idiot is gonna go off on you. Sometimes I stay with friends when their condo isn’t rented but if it is I stay at one of the guys places. I stayed at All Worlds a long time ago and didn’t like for it much but a friend told me that some new guys bought it so I gave it a try again. I don’t have a lot of money to spend and the rooms were priced good. The people were nice, my room was clean and the property was really a lot bigger than I thought it would be, and I had fun with the guys I met. I like that local guys can come in. It was a hot weekend so I thought not many guys would show up but there were a lot of them and it made it fun. I liked it there and will go back.