85M. It's fun and very enjoyable to make occasional forays into big cities with a Gayborhood.

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  • Alexander Inn Washington Square West, Philadelphia
  • The Chelsea Mews Guesthouse Chelsea, New York
  • Sansom Street Gym Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia


  • grenkle33
    grenkle33 reviewed Sansom Street Gym Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Could be great
    An impressive facility, beautfiully clean. no soap in dispensers, inoperative steam/sauna which was a disappointment. I have two gripes - #1 is that it was frigging cold with the exception of the viewing room on the top floor and the backroom on that level; #2, the rules state that no clothing is permitted outside the dressing area- I was there 4 times this past year and no one was without clothing, some with jeans & t-shirt, one with full leathers, some with short & t-shirt. That was a disappointment as I enjoy looking at naked male bodies. I was naked until I realized that I was the only one, then I donned the towel. I wanted to return during a visit to the city in December, but decided against it when I remembered how cold it had been on my previous visits. Maybe that was one reason that there were so few people there during my visits. .

  • grenkle33
    grenkle33 reviewed Alexander Inn Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Like visiting family
    On my two stays at the Alexander Inn I felt welcomed as a family member. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The location is terrific for everything that the city has to offer. My first choice for a hotel.