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  • gayvisitor
    gayvisitor reviewed Club Pittsburgh Baths Over a year ago
    Hates it

    trying to be helpful
    I have been to Club Pittsburgh too many times to count. Im a regular. I travel in and out of Pittsburgh often but don't live in the city. I like going to Club Pittsburgh for the obvious reason that it provides an environment for no strings sexual engagement in a private safe setting. However, in an effort to help a business succeed, I hope these thoughts can move us along. First, hire with customer service in mind. I am not a trouble maker. I do not start fights, do not damage facilities, do not harass customers. I am there to spend $24 dollars a least 3 times a month, maybe more. Yet, I rarely get greeted more than a brusk hello. Can't get a question answered in a civil way and am reluctant to report a broken sink or running toilet because of the attitude that will follow. The staff here is a big part of the slow take off of this place. They are simply not customer service oriented. A recent visit, the guy who prepares rooms and does maintenance was sitting in the stairwell at the entrance to the outdoor deck. He was smoking in the stairwell. To get to the deck I had to pass by. He wouldn't move forcing me to squeeze between him and the railing. He could have cared less. He was watching videos on his smartphone. Lock your key in the room, need an extra towel, report a facility problem......prepare for issues!! Guys, your customer care is sending customers away. I want readers to come to The Club because you are what makes the place fun. But be warned, you have to get past the front window and through the hoops of employee discontent to have a good night at The Club. The solution is in the hands of management. I just resent paying money, often, to be insulted and treated like a bother. Low customer turnout is in part due to the fact that the staff does not treat customers like they are valued.. They see us as the problem! The facility is ok at best. Lots of potential. A really cool building that is in decline. The roof top is the smoking area so it is full of smoker dingo. Needs paint on the trellises, floor needs to be power washed. Stairwell is covered in ashes. The hole inn the floor outside the steam sauna is going to hurt someone. The carpet is filthy and needs to be steam cleaned. The TV in the lobby is some kind of weird antenna system and there is no control to change channel or volume. Of course, the crux of the matter is that you can be what you want to be in business if there is no competition. The only game in town for bath house is Club Pitt. So. be prepared to be treated like you're a bother and have a fun time.

  • gayvisitor
    gayvisitor reviewed The Club Columbus Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Yes and No...Verdict still out
    I live three hours from The Club and usually hit the place about once a month. Lets start with the good. The pool is awesome. Summer at the Club is great, lounging at the pool naked as a jay bird and in a non competitive environment. Sun all day. No pressure pleasure. Just great. The Staff is excellent. Not a one of them has attitude All are pleasant. The towells are nice and always clean. The rooms are clean and changed up quickly. Ive never waited or wanted for anything. And its clean!! Winter months, its way to cold to be wandering around there in a towel. The music is clearly geared to the wrong market. The music is Gay Dance Music. The clientele is DL daddies and on Parade. Rare does someone see anyone there under the age of 30. Or at least not on the nights I have visited. I have been there both weekday and weekend nights. Not much of an under 30 crowd. Change the music guys, please!! We 40 somethings are paying the water bill. Perhaps an indictment of the whole bathhouse thing or maybe of the staff is the refusal to deal with the 'bad element' namely drunks and druggies who enter. Quite a few dudes who have been out drinking and drugging make their way in there to sleep it off. I was there last night, a dude high as a kite was flying all around the halls and eventually ended up in my room till i tossed him. Staff not only didn't put him out, but one staff member kept going in the room and staying in there for 5-10 minutes alone. I guess the help he was offering should be commended. LOL Come on staff...boot the drunks and don't go in their rooms! Overall, I think the place is nice, worth the time and reasonable. Its clean, friendly and lives up to its function as a social watering hole for gay men, albeit middle age men. The summer daytime pool hours are fantastic. Enjoy the upcoming summer sun! Make the Club a stop on your Columbus visit.