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  • erkang
    erkang reviewed Denver Swim Club Over a year ago
    Loves it

    An overlong but positive take on the place.
    Visited Denver for the first time a few weeks ago and spent a really great time here. I don't understand the guys who had problems with age or looks. I'm a 68 year old bear and I have never had a better time than I did here. Sure, there were buff young A-list guys who weren't interested but that's fine. I long ago lost interest in them. Everyone was polite, friendly and I saw hardly any attitude ...even the super pretty A-listers just politely ignored me. Back East here you're likely to run into tons of attitude. I did run into one of the most beautiful men I've ever had the pleasure to be with and spent three unforgettable hours with him. Two weeks later and I'm still smiling. The space is large and clean. The staff friendly and helpful. The only things I can criticize are mostly matters of personal taste. I wish the rooms were laid out better. I like going up and down corridors taking my time and taking different paths through the place. That's not possible with the layout here. Similarly the gloryholes felt a little too much like they were just lined up in rows ... A bit too business like for my taste. I love turning some corner and being given surprised by a cock sticking out waiting for me. Again, a matter of taste. I'm really fond of public sex places. This place has two huge ones. One has lots of mattresses arranged ago different hights (think of those multilevel climbing things for cats ....only with mattresses and fucking.) Again, it's a matter of taste but I like public sex spaces to be a bit cramped so spectators have go crowd together a bit. This room was great but too big,I thought. If I'm going go get fucked in front of a lot of guys I want them all crowded in together. Your mileage might differ. The other big public space was more.too my liking. It's a great cave like space. I think it might have been fun but when I was there there were just a couple of hot young guys laying around displaying themselves and waiting for people to join them. Much as I like public orgies I figured that the place for a 68 year old bear was on the sidelines watching. Nothing was going on while I was there but the two lads who were sprawled out were a sweet bit of eye candy. The outdoor pool wasn't open yet but I swam in the indoor one. I know ow most people.don't go go there swim club to swim bug I love to swim naked and never get the chance so I swam a few laps. I give the place four and a half stars. can see, the stuff I didn't care for was small stuff and just a matter of personal preference. Oh.....I forgot to mention, the steam room was great and some very hot action was going on. There's also a bathroom that appeared to be set up for watersports. Not being into that I can't rate it. It did seem go have a sloping floor with a drain and it was an open space so I have go assume that's what it's for. In short, I had a great time. And... D., if you're reading this, I want to thank you again for one of the most memorable encounters. I meant it when I.said that I'd never forget you.