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  • ericdiggity
    ericdiggity reviewed Albuquerque Social Club Over a year ago
    Loves it

    so much fun
    Went in for Thursday night it was karaoke I had so much fun I even sang, sober no less. Great little dive bar mixed crowd in ages, styles, gender etc, but everyone got along and had so much fun encouraging the singers. Best place to cut loose in New Mexico

  • ericdiggity
    ericdiggity reviewed The Blue Rooster Over a year ago
    Hates it

    ummm well
    I stopped by for Friday happy hour but it was closed so I went back couple of hours later and it was finally open. I love the decor in this place great lounge type setup with a dance floor in the basement. The blue Rooster shows the signs of being on the financial brink. There are no taps a sign your not selling enough beer to attract a distributor. Unless of course you do a big trade in specialty beers and micro-brews. Unfortunately the beer selection here looked like the cooler at 7-11, perhaps not even that good. 13 beers 3 of them imports (not interesting imports either) a 6 pack of Odoules and 1 cider type selection. No I am not kidding it looked like my dorm room fridge. I decided to go with whiskey so I had the Glenlivet 12 the closest thing they had to good scotch. The liquor selection like the beers implies they are not dealing with a distributor of any repute. I was the first customer in the bar and the bartender never spoke to me after taking my order except to tell me he couldn't make change yet. Two other couples came in it was obvious he knew them as he put their names on the POS tab (he never bothered ask mine I was labeled solo) but he didn't speak to them either. He spent a great deal of time dealing with the particulate material in the bottle of red label. I probably should have told the guy drinking it but he sat down beside me and immediately turned his back so ensuring I didn't say hello so I figured he didn't want my help besides who drinks blended whiskey and sour mix? I decided not to stick around and see if it got better because it's a 50 minute drive to the ABQ social club from here, but worth it for a single gay person.