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  • Black Eagle Gay Village, Toronto


  • dustin12
    dustin12 reviewed Zipperz/Cellblock Over a year ago
    Hates it

    As good as it gets in Toronto
    The usual amount of twinks and girls screaming all over the place and pushing people out of the way...but there are some guys in their 30's and older. No way you can meet them but at least there is a place in Toronto where they still can be seen. Staff are unfriendly, but what the hell that is part of TO's charm. If you are from out of town it may be hard to get used to. The music is ok. The dance floor lights are so bright that if you happen to look up as the DJ is spewing out what he thinks is art, you will probably lose your sight. For Toronto it is as good as it gets. As for character and personality....you are in the wrong city for that.

  • dustin12
    dustin12 reviewed Black Eagle Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Well it would work if it were not Toronto
    Great and I mean great music, lots of great looking men and unforutately lots of cliques. Even a crow bar couldn't get you in the middle of that. Very Torontoish. Tried the first floor, second floor and even the back room. Not a smile to be seen and not chance in hell of meeting anyone. It was clear that what this bar thinks it is a what it is are two different things.