84. I am a sadistic Top;. With the same man for 25 years. Moving to San Francisco in 1972 was like getting out of jail. 120,000 gay men, 200 gay bars and 14 gay bath houses. I was a kid in a candy store with a credit card. I am drtyolman on bear411. My husband is kinkycubaustin on there also. The 70s were wonderful. The 80s Tragic San Francisco lost 20,000 men to AIDS. When we moved to San Jose in 1995 I had only three friends left from the 80s. Long term AIDS survivor. Positive in 1985, AIDS in 1999 !

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    Was there when it opened

    The Lone Star is the result of the earthquake in 1987. The original owner had a very small basement bar. He got a small business loan to open the Lone Star. It was my favorite bar until we moved to San Jose 1995. Met my second great Love there. 25 years ago. Bear Bar. Friendly. Laid back. time tested. It is a local bar that welcomes tourists.