Brian Brian, 50. I'm a DJ here in Denver, I love to trave but I don't get to do it often enough!!!

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    djguerito reviewed The Sun Trapp
    Over a year ago

    I relocated to Utah specifically to fill the Friday night DJ residency, as they were having a difficult time finding adequate local talent. The Manager there is hands down the most unprofessional person I have ever dealt with! Never "got around" to signing the contract, cancelled my scheduled move date as they were coming to pick me up and relocate me. Instead they put me on a plane the DAY I was to perform, with nothing but a small bag of necessities promising in a couple days we would go back for my stuff. A month later and I'm still here having to buy clothes just to have something I didn't DJ in the prior week!!! Then the "manager" was in the booth almost my entire set last weekend adjusting the sound and equalizer, in my way constantly!!! That is a project to deal with OUTSIDE normal business hours!!! My God!!!! He ended up BLOWING the speaker system that night so when the sound went out, after tripping over him all night, suddenly he was nowhere to be found!!! He proceeded to say something to me about patrons complaining the music is too loud every Friday, and to not red-line the equipment (which I didn't do). I had had it and I brought everything to light and reminded him that they need to improve their online footprint DRASTICALLY!!! Oh don't forget they didn't make a single mention in bar or online that they had just hired a new DJ from out of state, no flyers NOTHING!! If you can believe it there's much more, but due to our personality clash and the fact that I didn't take his CRAP he proceeded to terminate my relationship with the bar!!! By far the very worst I've ever in my lifetime been screwed over by anyone!!! I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy, although at this time my worst enemy manages the dump!!!! As I read in several other reviews there's just a generally miserable and rude demeanor among the staff, but knowing who they work under I don't blame them, I do although feel sorry for them. All in all they really did me dirrrrrrrrrrty!!! With all the obstacles you face being an LGBTQ person from other communities, being treated so incredibly poorly by people of your own community is shameful. People like that DO NOT AND WILL NOT get my support or my business not to mention my services! UPDATE!!!!!! If there’s anyone that DIDN’T realize that Gaysic82’s review was another unethical gesture by the SunTrapp to try and “save face” and further damage my professional image, I’m pretty certain that it is. I mean at least make it believable LOL! Nowhere do I see another review by a PATRON that specifically targets another patrons review!!!! Have some integrity people!!! I have faith that good will prevail and those practicing evil will result in their own demise. Anything else said by “patrons” against me, I have nothing else to say and I redirect you to this statement. Thank you SunTrapp for a lesson well learned.