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  • Beaulah Bar Green Point, Cape Town


  • djcell
    djcell reviewed Beaulah Bar Over a year ago
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    they deserve 5 yellow stars then 1 - but in spite of all said Beaulah Bar mite not have been the trendiest but it set a bench march in my remixes and dj entertainment its a special bar to me and staff I never new it as never been a place of unhappiness till the city council decided to do some changes around the area I will say I had a great time there as a dj and thank myrna for her kind heart and I hope that she will carry Beaulah Bar like as it was her own child that she as a very loved woman bar owner and loved by her supporters keep on were ever she mite locate we all have our ups and downs sometimes our situation dose in gen as if life is easy its no need to make it harder always remember the gay and lesbian bars are there for you and if you dont support them they wont be around for you we all love the night life one way or another it depends on me and you as spotters other wise were will we go for me so what if the other bar or club is more fancier its the love and vibe you feel that override looks and times are tough for all of us but never neglect the once that are there for you gay people have seen more fights in straight clubs and bars then there own bar or clubs they attend its one for all and all for one next time you go out remember this is we are to party