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  • Body Zone Highland Park, Detroit


  • dexter77
    dexter77 reviewed Melrose Spa Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Talk about leaving well enough alone. Melrose spa has been a terrific spot for a long time. It was NEVER the hot spot of LA, but it was fun. The new owner has ruined the place with a terrible staff of guys who are unprofessional and unprepared to deal with the public. The guys left over from the previous owner, who are still there, are the STARS , and should be kept at all costs. From the cleaning crew, too the front window staff, some, not all, of the new team are in a fog and clueless. Most of the guys I know who went there, quit going, and won;t go back. The new paint job doesn't make up for the poor management and staff with their heads in the clouds.

  • dexter77
    dexter77 reviewed Body Zone Over a year ago
    Loves it

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    Visiting from California,I had a terrific time at the BZ. Ok,so it isn't as refined as "The Steamworks" in Berkley or Chicago. I could care less how the place is decorated or if the help has bad manners. The men were hot, plentiful and FUN. So much fun, that I went 9 times during my 14 day visit. The surroundings are like visiting a prison, it can add to the allure going in. A Fun place I became addicted to,no pun intended.