David Harlem, 72. Good looking and in good shape. Tattoos, PA, gray hair and beard. Love what NYC has to offer from museums to gay bars.

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    david.harlem.77 reviewed Elmo
    Over a year ago

    Best "gay" restaurant.

    I'm over 60. I go to Elmo often, the bartenders really do know how to make cocktails, classic and otherwise. The waitstaff is always attentive and "hot". The food is great, large portions and at good prices. Gay establishments that serve food are not always the best but this place has everything, you'll want to eat the food and the waiters and the clientele also provides eye candy. It is not just a gay establishment though, it's frequented by all kinds of people straight, gay and some with children. I find the only negative is that too often the music is SO loud that holding a conversation with your dinner mates is out of the question without screaming. Their downstairs lounge is also a great venue for private parties.