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  • cyboricua
    cyboricua reviewed Northern Men's Sauna Over a year ago
    Loves it

    friendly atmosphere
    Even though the place is not very well kept, (what do you expect for $10 AND NO ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE!!!), the staff and the people who go there are relatively friendly. I like the mixed crowd, even though alot of old and out of shape guys go(AGAIN, what do you expect with no annual membership fee). It varies from day to day what type of crowd goes, specially during the rush hour period, after 4 pm. I continue going because of the great variety of guys that go there, minus the old and the out of shape ones. The fact that alot of Asians and Latinos go there is the only reason that I still go, when I have a chance. My advice to first timers is to go with no high expectations and to try to give the place another chance. Going only one time is just not doing justice for the place. It's like the lottery,"Hey, you just never know".