41M. spend most my time in southern california because of the company i drive for, but when im home i like to mess around MY house and hang with my boy toy Josh. Am bit of a old car buff also, so i like to work and play with my rides, and thats a bout tit...... ;-) Also looking for lezbo friends, cause i dont have none and dont know why, (i fill deprived). So just to let the ladies know, lets ban together and love one another, right now!!!!! Thanx

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  • curtreed1980
    curtreed1980 reviewed Oxwood Inn Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Sounds like a blast
    Havent been to this bar, but will be checking it out my next time in town.... Just from the reviews and pictures from friends makes me believe im missing a thing r 2 having not stopped in!!! So full review coming after i attend the event!!!! Stay Tuned ;-)