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  • New Action Schöneberg, Berlin
  • L'Oasis Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Brussels
  • cotopaxi
    cotopaxi reviewed New Action Over a year ago
    Hates it

    My only negative experience in Berlin
    I went to New Action on Thursday night November 6, 2014 (Cheap + Sexy Thursday), at about a quarter to midnight, but was denied entry. Since the web site lists "Dresscode casual" and "Alle Willkommen" for that day, I decided not to put on my Fetish gear (as I felt a bit overdressed the day before on a Fetish Mix night at Mutschmanns) but just go in my black jeans, black T-shirt and leather wristband, but was denied access to the club by a rude and not too polite door guard. From what I could see from my position (almost the whole ground floor), the place wasn't exactly packed - and that's an understatement - and most people weren't exactly very fetish either. Except for a few leather guys, the crowd in there didn't look very much in fetish dress, at most something that resembles sportswear. So this looks like this might be one of those places were they grant you access at random depending on whether they like your face or not. And if fetish gear is indeed required on a Thursday night, then their web site is misleading advertising. A pity I can't find how to put up a photo with the review, or I'd add a screen print of the web site as proof. I was angered enough by the behaviour of the door man that I went to another club rather than go back to my hotel to put on my fetish gear. Except for that, the place looks interesting; easy to reach by the U-bahn and just a two minutes walk from places like Tom's Hotel and bar, at the corner of Eisenacher Straße and Kleitstraße.

  • cotopaxi
    cotopaxi reviewed L'Oasis Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Mixed feelings about the place
    On the positive side, it is a very nice place with plenty of corners, very nice wet area, ..., Plenty of cabins, but I missed a real darkroom-style maze. The crowd last night (a regular Tuesday weekday night) was rather old - most seemed older than me and I'm 45. I was there once before on a Saturday, then the crowd was slightly younger. But a few negatives also which is why I only give the place 2 stars this time. The ice tea I ordered was close to room temperature, and it didn't even come with some ice cubes to cool it down. This is not acceptable for a 2,60 EURO drink. And the person behind the counter didn't know about the birthday promo on the web site and didn't honor it. Another negative is the smell of the water in the baths. I hope it is the disinfectant, but my impression was that the walls of the baths weren't too clean either and it definitely smelled much worse than in other gay bathhouses I've been to.