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    coreyandrew reviewed Boatslip Resort & Beach Club
    Over a year ago

    Awesome as always!

    The Boatslip is more than a "place." It is a tradition for gay men, be it when they first come out or later in life when they are in their full gay bloom. It's located directly on the beach with one of the most spectacular bay views in the world. That sunset view with its myriad of fiery pastel colors is spectacular to see as you dance the day away with friends. The hottest mix of men, the best music, the daily Tea Dances, the cocktails, the sexiness of it all must be experienced personally to appreciate it. Oh, lastly I won't mention too much about "Dick Dock" because that's not officially a Boatslip offering but I urge you to inquire about it if you've never been because ... as they say ... when in Rome :-)