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  • Pro Shop Pub Clearwater, Clearwater
  • Rainbow Cabaret/Playhouse Theatre Drew Park, Tampa
  • colin.kelley.1257
    colin.kelley.1257 reviewed Pro Shop Pub Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Longtime Fan
    I have been going here for years. I was welcomed the first time I walked in the door. And still am. These "Georgie's Princesses" are bitter and it's STUPID T Pro Shop just celebrated 37 years. They couldn't stay around that long if these negative reviews were true!

  • colin.kelley.1257
    colin.kelley.1257 reviewed Rainbow Cabaret/Playhouse Theatre Over a year ago
    Loves it

    always a fun time!
    I have been there several times (going tonight, as a matter of fact, HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE). Have had a BLAST everytime I've been there. If you want chrome fixtures, marble floors go else where.