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  • Sidetrack Northalsted, Chicago
  • Legends Raleigh
  • Tom's Bar Schöneberg, Berlin
  • City Suites Hotel Lakeview, Chicago
  • cmmosley
    cmmosley reviewed Legends Over a year ago
    Hates it

    The Worst
    This is the worst place. It's dead and they don't know what they are. Are they gay or straight? We went there and we saw male and female go-go dancers. Just a hot mess. Don't waste your money or time. Asshole also charged me $4 when he said it was $3, because I wasn't a member. Really?

  • cmmosley
    cmmosley reviewed Grand Central Over a year ago
    Hates it

    New Owners. Not a gay bar anymore
    This bar is no longer a gay bar. It’s is bar is mostly white straight goth grunge community.

  • cmmosley
    cmmosley reviewed Tom's Bar Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Dishonest and second-rate
    I just came back from Amsterdam and Berlin TODAY. I had such a bad experience with Toms Hotel I had to right a review immediately. I actually rented an apartment for five (5) days from Toms Hotel and booked it through When I arrived to Toms rental office after being in Amsterdam for eight (8) days, I was giving Toms Hotel my information. This "employee" who looking like he was recovering from either too many drugs or too much alcohol the previous night, demanded that I pay in cash. I asked this "employee, " What do you mean pay in cash? The terms on (a subsidiary) clearly indicated that credit cards are accepted and my reservation was made with a credit card. This Toms Hotel employee went on to tell me that apartments are paid in cash and only the hotel room are paid with credit cards. He sent me to this ATM around the corner and I did not take cash out of it b/c it looked like a strange ATM. I will only go to a banks ATM when Im overseas. My bank simply would not allow me to withdraw that amount of money from an ATM b/c U.S. Federal Regulation limits you to $650/day from an ATM. I went back to Toms Hotel and told this this employee, the hotels terms on clearly indicated credit cards are acceptable and made him charge it. I complained to and indicated that either this employee is running a scam and/or Toms Hotel is running a scam but either way they need to make this hotel put CASH ONLY as a payment term or needs to drop them as a client. contacted Toms Hotel with my complaint and on the day I left, the Hotel responded and told that I had given them my ATM card and it had been declined and they were trying to be nice by telling me to go to an ATM because I had money problems. When I came into the apartment this employee was picking toilet paper off the floor in the bathroom, thinking I didnt see him. There was a dirty towel on the back of the bathroom door which was probably from his trick he did in the room the night before. People dont waste your time or money. There are PLENTY of accommodations in this area far better than this anus hole hotel and apartment facility.

  • cmmosley
    cmmosley reviewed City Suites Hotel Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Nice Place
    It is right next door to the Belmont metro station which you can catch directly from both airports. The place is clean but the rooms are small. I speficied to the hotel NOT to place me on the side of the trains and they didn't. I didnt get a room with a window view but good place to have a clean room with good comforts. An added bonus was complimentary access to a Bally's gym. The gym was nothing to write home about but for the people that need a REAL gym to work out it was great. It is right the street from Boystown so it was even better!!

  • cmmosley
    cmmosley reviewed Sidetrack Over a year ago
    Loves it

    The Best Bar
    This was simply the best bar I have ever visited and I have been to plenty of bars (gay/straight). Absolutely clean and most employees were 150% professional. I did have an incident where one of the bartenders was an ass, but I figure his dollar tips weren't good that night (had to get in a jab..sorry). Truly a pleasure to visit. As a general observation my fellow racial minorities, please keep in mind that this is still the mid-west no matter how many Oprah's or Obama's come from this city. Got it? I'm sure you