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  • cmkagen
    cmkagen reviewed Blue Moon Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Where it all happens!
    Blue Moon has been winning over food connoisseurs hearts since it first opened. This spectactular restaurant lounge is by far one of the top restaurants in Rehoboth. Come early and drink late because the bar customers of the Moon are not your typical fine diners. This crowd loves to party, and it only starts here when the sun goes down. Try Thursdays for Karokee, its a blast with all tje hot guys from DC and NYC, as well as my fellow Pennsylvania boys.

  • cmkagen
    cmkagen reviewed Aqua Grill Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Super staff, and super customers are all found here
    When it comes to finding a super mix of hot male staff, and hot single customers, no bar in Rehoboth can top Aqua Grill and Bar. The food this place serves is even fabulous.