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  • clevelandWest
    clevelandWest reviewed The Interbelt Over a year ago
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    Always a good time on Mondays
    The Interbelt is always a good time on monday nights. Dance your ass off inside the club, which is spacious, or chill out and have normal conversation outside on the huge tiki bar and back yard area. The staff is friendly, professional, and inviting. Security is professional, attentive, heavily-armed, and responds to any problems in the bar swiftly. The parking lot and nearby streets are mostly dark and seedy. Go with a large group or pack a gun or both. No guns permitted in the bar tho and they do search everyone upon entry. Crowd is mostly twinky college boys and their female companions, however a blend of other types are sprinkled in, making the crowd a little more diverse. Overall I have found the college-aged guys friendly and affectionate as long as you take the right approach and don't act like a douchebag. Monday is "hip-hop night" but don't let the title discourage you from going. The monday night crowd is about 80 percent white college aged people and the other 20 percent black/latino/asian are there to have a good time, not cause trouble. Everyone mixes in harmony quite nicely. The music inside is LOUD, as it should be, but the outside patio is a nice place to get away from the noise and have a conversation with a friend without screaming into their eardrum. Parking can be challenging if you don't arrive early. A shuttle van provided by the club will shuttle you back and forth to a well-lit parking lot down the street. Overpriced covers (up to $20) are not unheard of for "special event" nights. I've found that the special events don't justify a $20 cover to see a drag queen that was once mentioned on some cable tv show. I must say the Cazwell appearance was well worth the cover and it was a blast. Overall the interbelt is one of the best nighclubs left in Northern Ohio.