Nashville, Tennessee
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    Fun bar and bar food. Always busy. Great staff and crowd. No drama. Always have specials for food, drink and entertainment. Great for people watching and hanging out with friends.

    cjdarmstrong reviewed DrYnk Bar & Lounge
    1 year ago


    Best bar. Trendy. Nice. Good people. Great patio. No pretension. Quality drinks. Highly recommended!!

    Always Good

    This bar / restaurant has been a staple of Wilton since the 80’s. Always fun, always evolving, drink specials, food specials, etc to meet all types. The place never disappoints!!


    This is to be one of the most amazing bars, especially new bars in Wilton in Manors. Especially on Sundays when I get there early afternoon to dance with 70s and 80s dance music. But now it’s turned into you and obviously you mixed card with young people with nefarious intentions. Expect your pat down at the front door with a wind, your drivers license stand for all of your personal information at their disposal, upon my last visit on March 5, a fight broke out in the middle of the bar over his cell phone and people had to be hauled out by security. You have done something and by the way, I’m taking outside. It’s one of the scariest bars here.

    cjdarmstrong reviewed Matty's Wilton Park
    Over a year ago


    Marty’s closed the first of September 2022.

    cjdarmstrong reviewed Boardwalk
    Over a year ago

    Prepare to be robbed..

    Boardwalk used to be an amazing place where you went with your friends and had a great time. Now it’s full of pushy, aggressive, straight, hustlers looking for $20 bills. The guys don’t take no for an answer, then try to take you for $20 because they touch your shoulder. the part tenders are super nice, but the sketchy guys they have working there. I’d rather pick your pocket than dance. Not recommended.

    cjdarmstrong reviewed Ramrod Fort Lauderdale
    Over a year ago

    Open for drinks and business!

    I’ve been going to this place for a long time, it’s just what you expect out of a male cruise bar. Dark lighting, strong drinks, porn on the TVs, had a decent looking crowd just about anytime day or night.