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  • RawHide 2010 French Quarter, New Orleans
  • The Phoenix Bar Marigny, New Orleans
  • Urban Mo's Hillcrest, San Diego
  • Pecs North Park, San Diego
  • Friendly Bar Marigny, New Orleans
  • Inn At The Park Hillcrest, San Diego
  • chuckmm
    chuckmm reviewed Mr. B's Bistro 5 months ago
    Loves it

    Probably my favorite place to eat,
    Not the fanciest place but the food is wonderful and quite affordable. A bit on the edge of gay neighborhood but across from Hotel Monteleone. Dirt cheap cocktails and Mr. B's barbequed shrimp is out of this world.

  • chuckmm
    chuckmm reviewed Hotel Monteleone 5 months ago
    Loves it

    Cocktail bar out of a dream!
    The carousel bar was the most amazing idea ever. Going there regularly on fat Tuesdays made me feel the soul of NOLA. Will never forget the privilege just to walk through this place of magic. Oh yes Blanche, it exists!

  • chuckmm
    chuckmm reviewed Bourbon Orleans Hotel 5 months ago
    Loves it

    I was lucky enough to spend a week in one of the 2 level suites one Halloween season. PERFECT LOCATION! Amazingly historic location, home of the quadroon ball. The story of which will make your head spin! Great pool, friendly staff. Smack dab in gay bar land or to eat yourself sick in many fine restaurants. Even if you don't stay there, visit this gem.

  • chuckmm
    chuckmm reviewed Cafe du Monde 5 months ago
    Loves it

    Classic NOLA experience
    A bit touristy but a must for beignet's and café au lait! Historic in it's own way.

  • chuckmm
    chuckmm reviewed The Country Club 5 months ago
    Loves it

    Great place
    Friendly staff, place to relax or have a private party!

  • chuckmm
    chuckmm reviewed The Phoenix Bar 5 months ago
    Loves it

    Oh Baby!
    Refreshing idea not to have to take someone home if you don't want to... Oh the wonderful times I've had there during carnival. I have a HUGE crush on daddy Don. Marry me!

  • chuckmm
    chuckmm reviewed Friendly Bar 5 months ago
    Loves it

    Great neighborhood bar!
    Filled with regular folks and Marigny locals. I adore meat night, what a great idea. The woman owner is a peach! Glad friends introduced me to this wonderful bar. I have had warm and happy times there. Like family.