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  • BS West Scottsdale, Scottsdale
  • Charlie's Phoenix Central Phoenix, Phoenix
  • Dicks Cabaret Central Phoenix, Phoenix
  • Guana River State Park Beachside, Ponte Vedra Beach



  • chrisinotown
    chrisinotown reviewed BS West Over a year ago
    Hates it

    One too many chances
    You know what, this place has a potential to be a cool place. The only gay bar in Scottsdale. BUT, they do their best to rip you off. One day your Jack and coke is 7.50$, another day it is 11$ Very inconsistent. Their is only one good bartender, the sporty looking girl. the rest, have no clue and are very slow. Had to argue with a bartender about the price. I ordered a Jack and coke tall. Bartending 101, tall means more mixer, NOT A DOUBLE. Idiot. If you go, stick to bottle beer and watch your tab. Plus, they will not give you a happy hour ticket unless you ask, only for the regulars.... Very shady place. Needs new management and more seasoned bartenders. The drag shows and strip nights are really good though. Good music too. Good parking as well.

  • chrisinotown
    chrisinotown reviewed Dicks Cabaret Over a year ago
    Hates it

    cover charge
    , I have not been here yet. Just moved to Phoenix. But someone told me it was 30 $ bucks to get in. Is that true ? There is no way any club isworth that. Tell me I am wrong...

  • chrisinotown
    chrisinotown reviewed Guana River State Park Over a year ago
    Hates it

    not a gay beach
    There are no gays here. There are more kids than adults. A few hot daddies, but not worth all the darn kids.