Neri Ogo, 33M. I love the Club seen so of course love going to Clubs... I like to live in the Now and try anything at least once, but if i like it i'll stick to!!! Love the New Age Music... Can't waite 4 what life has instored for me.. who knows Now i'm a nobody Tomorrow i just might be someone Everyone wants to be... I would love to have a CLUB to Own. First start it out in GERMANY then Branck it out to the USA...(THAT"S MY DREAM)... and my Feature!!!

Youngtown, Arizona
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  • Entourage Vegas Commercial Center, Las Vegas
  • chawiegen
    chawiegen reviewed Entourage Vegas Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Sounds intriguing....
    I will probibly stop by to see what the Fuss is about!!! I will be there this Weekend!!! Gona have a bLAST... ;) I like Club Charly's to so i'll be there as well with 1of my GirlFriends...