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11 Loved Places


  • Second Story Bar River North, Chicago
  • Town Danceboutique U Street Corridor, Washington
  • This Is It Downtown, Milwaukee
  • Avenue Pub Pearl / Meigs / Monroe (SE), Rochester
  • Bachelor Forum NOTA (SE), Rochester
  • cavalier
    cavalier reviewed Bachelor Forum 6 days ago
    Loves it

    This bar epitomizes the Rochester gay bar scene: friendly (if slow) bartenders, cheap strong drinks, diverse crowd of all ages. I was in Rochester for a conference and came here every night. It can be loud during karaoke night, but otherwise it's a very laidback, friendly place.

  • cavalier
    cavalier reviewed This Is It 2 weeks ago
    Loves it

    Fun, relaxed neighborhood bar
    This is my kind of bar. Friendly, unpretentious, diverse crowd, reasonably priced drinks. This is the only gay bar in the downtown area, and as it turned out was only 3 blocks from my hotel. It was a great place to unwind on my own after a work conference. I will come back next time I'm in Milwaukee!

  • cavalier
    cavalier reviewed Second Story Bar 7 months ago
    Loves it

    Downtown's Best Secret
    I come to this bar every time I'm in Chicago. I love a good, unpretentious, divey gay bar (an endangered species), and Second Story is as good as it gets. This last time I took my husband, who is NOT a dive bar fan. He wasn't loving the fact that the entire bar is smaller than our living room (he has space issues), but after a couple of strong drinks and after noticing how diverse the crowd was (old men, young boys, big lesbians, lipstick lesbians, etc), he let his hair down and had a great time.

  • cavalier
    cavalier reviewed Mr. Henry's Pub 10 months ago
    Loves it

    Great neighborhood bar
    While the clientele is mixed, this place definitely has a gay feel to it. The atmosphere is very casual and friendly. I feel equally comfortable taking friends here for an unpretentious brunch or dropping in by myself during the week for a drink or dinner (half-price pasta night!).

  • cavalier
    cavalier reviewed Town Danceboutique 10 months ago
    Loves it

    Go for Bear Happy Hour
    This is a fun place to go on Friday nights if you like a big, diverse crowd. The atmosphere is friendly, and there are plenty of different types of guys beyond the typical DC clone (not that there's anything wrong with clones). The kind of place where you be in an untucked flannel shirt and drink beer straight from a pitcher.

  • cavalier
    cavalier reviewed Dupont Italian Kitchen 1 year ago
    Loves it

    Great standby
    I've never been disappointed here. It won't win any awards for originality, but it's a reliable place to go for chicken parmigiana and people-watching in Dupont.

  • cavalier
    cavalier reviewed Casa Cupula Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Truly exceptional
    My partner and I stayed here for a week in March 2011. I don't know where to begin. The rooms are beautiful, the breakfast is superlative, and the staff is friendly and helpful. Another reviewer said the smaller rooms were perfect because she was spending most of her time in town. We stayed in one of the suites, which was perfect because we spent a lot of time relaxing at the hotel. How can you go wrong with your own private super-size outdoor hot tub?? This was unlike any beach resort or chain luxury hotel we had ever stayed in before, and we won't even think of staying anywehre else next time we are in PV.

  • cavalier
    cavalier reviewed Avenue Pub Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Neighborhood bar, no more no less
    I agree with everything MammyGraham says, but that's why I LOVE this bar. If you're looking to pick up a pretty young thing, go online. If you're looking for a divey bar with cheap drinks and a friendly, alcoholic crowd who won't give a shit if you're wearing denim on demin--then this is your place. (Don't come here for the food, though. Seriously.)

  • cavalier
    cavalier reviewed Tilt Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Small town club, big city attitude
    1. If you're a club person, you're in the wrong city. 2. If you're not a club person, then don't waste your time going to Tilt. The place is overrun with 18-21 year olds (again, fine if that's what you're looking for, but don't expect much). The music is terribly outdated. Worst, the bartenders are arrogant and slow--this would be annoying enough in a place like New York City, but it's ridiculous in Rochester.