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  • The Venetian Resort Hotel The Strip, Las Vegas
  • La Esquina Soho, New York
  • Grand Central Terminal Midtown, New York


  • carlosmelia
    carlosmelia reviewed Grand Central Terminal Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Grand Central Terminal Behind the Scenes and Secrets
    If there is something that always intrigues and interests me about iconic landmarks and destinations, is to dig deep into their apparent facade and learn about the myths and legends behind them. You saw my recent post on Buenos Aires, from my visit last week, and now New York. Invited to join this exclusive group of luxury concierges of Manhattan, by my friend Michael Romei, I took part of this exclusive behind the scenes 3hs tours of Grand Central Terminal and Beyond. The tour was conducted to detail and perfection, by Docent-in-Chief Daniel Brucker, who not only is an erudite in the subject, but also is known and referred as “The Keeper of Grand Central’s Secrets”. Grand Central Terminal is “the world’s number six most visited tourist attraction”, bringing in approximately 21,600,000 visitors annually. The first tip to learn about Grand Central, is that it is a “Terminal” and not a Station. Grand Central is the point the end and the beginning of the rail line into and out of New York City. Our tour guide, made strong emphasis on this, and demanded respect alluding Grand Central Terminal, is the biggest train terminal in the world. From there on, we immersed into a behind the scenes and secrets tour, which took over 3 hours. I must say it felt like just one. We started with a brief introduction. while seating at the stunning and breathtaking Vanderbilt Hall. This room is very important, and you will be able to read the plaque placed there. The Grand Central was the first building in the United States to be saved under the Landmark Act by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. In 1975, when Grand Central was threatened with demolition, Jacqueline Onassis lent her support to the preservation cause. More at

  • carlosmelia
    carlosmelia reviewed The Venetian Resort Hotel Over a year ago
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    The Venetian Resort & Casino
    Last week during my stay in Las Vegas for the YLC 2013 Conference and the LTX 2013 Convention, I was hosted at The Venetian Resort & Casino. Reviewing and experiencing hotels in Las Vegas, is always a daunting task, due to the size and number of outlets, attractions and restaurants within each property. So I decided to keep it simple and to just comment on what I’ve got to experience and see. Since I was busy with the convention and conference, I was not able to enjoy much of the resort, featuring signature Canyon Ranch SpaClub, Venetian Pool Deck (which I tried but it was way too overcrowded for my taste), and the TAO Beach. Let’s say that all I got to experience, was my suite on The Venetian Tower, a few of their restaurants, their featured show Rock of Ages and some strolls along the streets of Venice (which by the way were dry!!!). I was hosted at a Suite at The Venetian Tower. 36-story four-stats resort, The Venetian features all suites accommodation, I would say being the biggest entry level suites in The Strip. I was very happy with my suite, although of course, me being me, I would have preferred to stay at their Palazzo Tower. I was hosted (video above) at a Luxury King Suite - 650 square feet - Roman tub, plush king-sized bed with Egyptian cotton sheets to the sunken living area complete with HD TVs and plush furnishings. My concerns with this suite were: Lightning concept: I could not see anything. Low lights, I assume to save energy. Color Palette: too rustic, sad and outdated to my own taste. You can pretend to be in a Tuscan Villa, but even those have been refurbished. Bathroom amenities were a total disappointment for such an all-suite property. Unfortunately I was never able to see the suites at The Palazzo Tower, but I heard great things about them. TIP. !!! If you go Palazzo, the way to go is PRESTIGE. You will thank me. As for my gourmet experiences within The Venetian Resort, I must highlight three of them. Pinot Brasserie, located on the Restaurant Row. Classic French bistro fare with a West Coast accent, by celebrity chef Joachim Splichal. Intimate setting, exquisite cuisine. More @

  • carlosmelia
    carlosmelia reviewed La Esquina Over a year ago
    Loves it

    La Esquina a hidden Mexican secret
    La Esquina a hidden Mexican secret ( NOLITA, New York City ) I wont say much about the place because otherwise I would break the spell of the hidden Mexican secret, and I would spoil the whole experience that even I went through when I was invited to come over this restaurant and I found out it was just a Luncheonette stand for hot dogs and beer. Well the next was yet to come, that if you are lucky enough to be on the list. Only a few snapshots since I wont say anymore. If I reveal too much they will take me out of the circle of trust and wont be able to ever come back again. NOW be aware that if you trust my judging and you happen to send customers or guest to this restaurant, expect them to call you and say Are you F*** crazy, I am not going to have dinner here. Well just tell them to calm down, relax and go with the flow. I would risk to say was the best Mexican dinner/food I have had in year. The Ceviche Acapulco market fish, fresh tomato, avocado, jalapeno, lime (USD 12), Quesadilla de HUITLACOCHE mexican truffle, roasted corn, mushrooms, queso oaxaca (USD 11), Camarones a la Plancha grilled gulf shrimp, butternut squash, spanish chorizo, cherry tomatoes, chayote (USD 22), Pollo Dominguero Tradicional 1/2 traditional sunday rotisserie chicken, papas fritas, string beans (USD 22) but the star of the night were the Roasted Corn with cheese and mayonnaise OMG it was literally a Mexican Orgasm. The dessert highly recommended by our waitress was the Pastel de Chocolate Cafe de Olla warm chocolate cake, espresso, cinnamon, creme fraiche ice cream.