Byron Schmitz, 73. Really a good guy. Look like your average guy you see every day. People say i'm nice looking, and I don't have to pay em too much to say it. I have a somewhat irreverate sense of humor ( often I surprise myself by the things that come out of my mouth), watch it buster!! I GUESS i'm a pretty masc. Lookin guy, but I came outta mama's womb face down so... Damn did I say that??? told ya sometimes I just...I'm a fun guy to be arround, hate needless drama, and like to get right to the point. I don't shop for the under gear models, i like confident guys, who are adventurous and not weirded out doing new things. Like the symphony.....hahaha had ya goin huh? But rodeos, know stuff. Try it all. Ya....thats how my "intimate" interests go too. i like tall skinny confident slightly twisted men!! There i said it and im glad!! Hahaha

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    byron.schmitz reviewed Badlands Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Badlands timeline...................
    The Badlands has had many changes over the years ... but i always enjoyed it.