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    A deeper summary of BUBU

    Ok, I go to Bubu lounge every weekend so I`ll try to explain a little bit how it is like. They open on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and one Thursday per month. They usually have "consumacao" witch means you apy a price to get in but you can get this price back in drinks. Drinks are quite expensive in my view. Regular cocktails like Margarita, Long Island, Cosmopolitan, Manhattan and etc are about R$20 bucks each. Caipirinhas are about R$15. Tequila shot R$18. Beer about R$9. The gogo dancers are really hot! As it is not a very cheap club the crowd is better. Cheaper clubs are guetto. I usually fall in love with some hot guys there because they are handsome and hot! Wednesday nights opens at 11:59 pm untill 6am. Mostly men. only the Upper Dance floor and the Lounge are opened. Tribal all night long on the dance floor and Pop hits on the Lounge. and its about R$ 25 bucks to get in. Friday nights open at 11:59pm too until around 7am. Mostly men. Both dance floors opens The main floor is Progressive eletronic and the Vip dance floor is played pretty much is Remixes. Men pays R$40 and Women R$60 both with the money back in drinks. Saturdays are my favourite nights. 11:30pm - 6am Women pays less so the crowd is pretty mixed. The main floor is the Progressive Eletronic but my favourite is the VIP floor that is played 80`s 90`s and Pop Hits from the radio It`s reeeeeally fun. The lounge has live music. Its fun too! Men R$60 and Women R$45. Sundays they opens at 7:30pm until 23:30pm. R$15 men and woman in drinks. Only the main floor is opened with Progressive eletronic and Tribal. around 9pm they have the Drag Show. For those who understand portuguese its really funny. Once a month they have the "Bubu s para elas" (Bubu just for her) It is basically a lesbian night! Woman pays R$15 in drinks and men R$80 without getting back in drinks its R$80 just to step in. I`ve never been this night so I have no idea how it is like. Well pretty much that`s how it is! It`s my favourite club in SP. Hot guys nice music. I highly recomend Bubu for Sao Paulo Visitors.