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  • Prik Centrum, Amsterdam
  • Club Church Kerkstraat, Amsterdam


  • braziliantop
    braziliantop reviewed Club Church Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Hit or Miss it!!!
    I went there recently and had quite a lot of fun with some late-20s guy... This is Europe, however, and the crowd is mostly over 40. The music was ok, the ambience unextraordinary, and staff very normal.

  • braziliantop
    braziliantop reviewed Prik Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Good place but snobish crowd
    i spent 5 days in amsterdam just recently. the city is fantastic, friendly, open, dazing, even though rainy and overcast. PRIK had good music, friendly bartenders, cozy ambience, but the crowd was definitely quite snobbish and reserved, very unlike my experience in london or in the usa gay establishments. I would probably go back for the good drinks, and the nice bartender, and the music, but not for the local clients.