34M. Hey all you hotties. Looking for my Husband. Who wants to take me away from all this? :-) Until then a few things. 1. Don't be afraid to say hi or even ask me out. I am not one of those self obsessed guys that cant even respond humbly to a compliment. 2. I am polite but that does not mean I am interested in you sexually. Just raised to treat all people well. 3. learn how to take rejection. I get rejected as well. Deal with it like a man or you just seem sad and desperate. There you have it! ps: Still shocked when people take the time to send me hate mail. So sad. Peace and love people.

Little Rock, Arkansas
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  • Discovery Night Club River Market, Little Rock
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    my experience of leaving here in Arkansas the white people are very racist and top it off there are gay and l hate going in that club