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  • Burgundy Bed & Breakfast Marigny, New Orleans
  • The Country Club Marigny, New Orleans


  • boss_hogg
    boss_hogg reviewed Hello B&B Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great place
    I stayed at Hello a few years ago in order to attend a conference. I live in the UK. It's a bit out of the centre but since Atlanta centre is fairly dull that's OK. Instead you are close to the main fun part of town for the gay bars and porn shops. Hello is a delightful B&B, the rooms are excellent (good beds, washing facilities, plenty of natural light), the breakfast was lovely, the host (Mike) was a delight and the hot-tub was excellent. One night at 2am I sat in the tub watching the stars drinking a beer and felt I was in heaven. The local scene is fun. Mike, his brother and I went out one evening and had a great night. Best gay B&B I've stayed in and couldn't recommend it high enough. The previous report was somewhat critical and I wanted to set the record straight (or at least gay) Update: all I can say is I took I have written a report based on what I found and i thought it was the best gay B+B I've stayed in. It was also a delightful B+B in its own right

  • boss_hogg
    boss_hogg reviewed The Country Club Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Mind blowing
    Very nice place which serves great food and has a clothes optional pool area at the back. There is a kind of decorum once the effects of the alcohol kick in but generally people have a good time which can lead to some serious playing around. Those there are almost entirely gay guys who are easy going. There are bi couples there but they just joined in when I was there!

  • boss_hogg
    boss_hogg reviewed Burgundy Bed & Breakfast Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Very nice stay
    I stayed here during a conference and used a cycle from the proprietor to get to and from the convention centre. Room was very pleasant, breakfast good and the guests were all a genuine and pleasant bunch. The hot tub outside wasn't used much due to bad weather but the B=B is sited close to plenty of gay venues and while taxi drivers will tell you it's a dangerous area (ie. get a taxi every time) I had no trouble at all. Locals were very friendly. Will go back tomorrow if I could. Thank you Carl for a nice stay