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    NEVER purchase more than clothing there, if that,,,,

    Sad, how very sad, saw a major appliance, first was told that Out of the Closet has no delivery service, difficult to get a refrigerator in the back of a car, was given the card form them of a delivery person, item worked in store, but when delivered, it is NOT working and have been told, NO warranty, no nothing, sooooooooo this is one way to BE AWARE of Out of The Closet, they will take your $ and screw you without even looking back, and it will cost more $ that I paid for the thing to even get it working, there SHOULD be some sort of guarantee that a major item purchased in that store work, at least when it arrives from the store, especially when it was delivered by someone THEY recommended and gave me that card- ONLY. SO now I have 2 refrigerators , one that is still working and one that was purchased at the Out of The Closet on Wilton Drive, that does NOT work, and I will have a huge sign about how I was screwed by them as I will need to give it away, what a way to flush good $ down the drain, and the attitude form employees, even worse, Sad, very sad, BUYERS BEWARE of this place. Have visited the store in the past and typically have found good buys, but,,,,,,,,,,,, I would NEVER, EVER advise ANYONE to buy anything more than a shirt or shorts, they do not back up anything that is sold but will gladly rape you for $.