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  • bond008
    bond008 reviewed Spa Excess Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Should have believed the Bad reviews!!
    My friend and I (30 and 33) decided to hit Spa Excess for something to do on Tuesday night. We are aware this might not be the ideal night to find fun, or hotties, but what we found was not even close. First off let me say we both liked the facility, seemed clean, great dark areas, showers, sauna, hot tub were nice. But the clientelle was not! I am not talking about the overly asian population, or the usual old men who haunt such places, they are to be expected and do not bother us. But there is an unusual number of creepy, grabby, dirty weirdos. Also one CRAZY BASTARD, who no matter how many times we said NO would not leave us alone, stop following us, or trying to join in our fun. At one point he even stole our poppers in an attempt to lure us back to his room. The problem was brought to the attention of the employees working, but a weak warning to the man was all that was issued along with, to us: "oh yeah we've had problems with him before". It was also suggested to us to visit on a more popular night, Saturday, to which I say, No one could pay me enough to go back to Spa Excess. EVER!