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  • The Brit Downtown, Long Beach
  • Hot Java Downtown, Long Beach
  • Utopia Restaurant Downtown, Long Beach
  • The Original Park Pantry Eastside, Long Beach
  • Open Sesame Belmont Shores, Long Beach



  • bluzin2
    bluzin2 reviewed The Original Park Pantry Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Over Rated but Gay Friendly
    The restraint itself is nothing special, sort of like a down graded French Market. The food is average, and so are the people. If not for the gay crowd mixed in with the blue hairs, I would probably skip this place all together. This is not however a gay establishment. They are gay friendly. The waitresses put on a "girlfriend" attitude for bigger tips if you look gay but is just a bit phony. I wish they would come out already.

  • bluzin2
    bluzin2 reviewed Open Sesame Over a year ago
    Loves it

    YUM, its very tasty, tasty, tasty
    This place is so popular, they had to open up a second location on the same block! Try the potatoes, their awsome.

  • bluzin2
    bluzin2 reviewed Utopia Restaurant Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Diamond in the Art District
    This is a little gem in an otherwise barren landscape. In the heart of downtown a few blocks from party central Pine Avenue, you can have an intimate meal with your significant other or close friends. The menu selection is actually very good considering the size of the establishment, the prices are very reasonable and an awesome piano player on the weekends.

  • bluzin2
    bluzin2 reviewed Hot Java Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Gay Coffee House?
    This is really a nice place to unwind and be around friends. Its a mixed crowd, more men then women. Clean new inside, flat screen, sofas, street view and of coarse the usual coffee and pastries. My only wish is they get rid of the smoking area on the sunny side of the building. That seems to be where everyone likes to sit, and if you dont smoke and want to catch some rays, your out of luck.

  • bluzin2
    bluzin2 reviewed The Brit Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Cool Bar - Very Friendly
    The coolest thing about this place is exactly what another review saw as a negative... it’s an old style gay bar where people don’t stand and model. Everyone is friendly, patio in back, and a nice range of men. If you are looking for a circuit party type feel or stuck up West Hollywood attitude, then this bar is not for you.