River pain, 39M. 6ft 4in 310bs i like to visit other citys and states i will night shift I love meeting new peeps I always keep a open mind on life. U can always hit me up on fb River Pain or ig as unqiuebrother

York, Pennsylvania
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  • Blake's Midtown, Atlanta
  • Swinging Richards Midtown, Atlanta
  • Grand Central Mount Vernon, Baltimore
  • Bike Stop Washington Square West, Philadelphia
  • Alexander Inn Washington Square West, Philadelphia


  • Philadelphia 124 Listings
  • blknjuicy
    blknjuicy reviewed Hilton Harrisburg Over a year ago
    Loves it

    best hotel
    this hotel is HOT near by all the night clubs and bar inside pool good food 3-5 min walk from fast food the rooms are wow

  • blknjuicy
    blknjuicy reviewed Sansom Street Gym Over a year ago
    Hates it

    get lucky
    So happy that this Wednesday will be my first time here at the place I hope I can get lucky by receiver head or get sex because it been 3months

  • blknjuicy
    blknjuicy reviewed FLEX Spas (Flexbaths) Over a year ago
    Loves it

    hot club
    When i was living in Atlanta i was a member of this club everything about club is good not too many tops go there a lot bottoms alway there

  • blknjuicy
    blknjuicy reviewed Swinging Richards Over a year ago
    Loves it

    love all the blk men
    mmmmmmmmm so hot

  • blknjuicy
    blknjuicy reviewed Blake's Over a year ago
    Loves it

    good times
    this place is a feel good spot i have a good time everytime i go they i love wed & sat nights