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    Wood needs to go into the fireplace!

    Last night I had one of the worst restaurant experiences of my life. After ordering our drinks at the beginning of our evening in the outside area, the server spilled a full glass of red wine down my entire back and into my lap. He of course was apologetic and started trying to sop up the wine that was running down my back. A few minutes later he reappeared with the manager who handed me towel soaked in club soda like it was my job to clean up my back. I told them I obviously needed their help. I was figuring out what to do with the front of my stained shorts and crotch area and the manager trying to be humorous suggested that I could have the server wipe it down. (me a middle aged guy and the server being young and quite attractive). I didn't say anything but realized after how insulting and inappropriate that comment was, assuming that I would get my jollies from such a suggestion. The manager really owed both me and the server an apology. The rest of the meal was the usual although I sat in a chilly night with a soaked shirt. I could have left but decided to stay. The server was obviously quite nervous - the manager was not to be seen the rest of our meal. Never came by to ask how we were doing trying to help salvage the evening for us. The food is good but the service has always been inconsistent there. We waited over 20 minutes at the end of the meal for two salads. After asking for the bill TWICE we finally got it and there was no adjustment to the bill nor any offer to comp anything. When we left the manager was smiling like everything is fabulous and I told him: "this was really bad!!" He followed us out the door like he couldn't understand why we were all disgusted. I told him the bill had not been adjusted. He claimed he told the server to deduct some of our bill. Would you believe that? I wouldn't and didn't. He said the next time I came in the wine would be on him (vs. on me this time!) I know accidents happen and I feel badly for the server but this is no way to run a business. And it gives me the sense that I'm not in their desired demographic, i.e. the twenty or thirty somethings. Just so you know....