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  • Gula Gula Gávea Gávea, Rio de Janeiro
  • Wild Thermas Club São Paulo
  • Upgrade Club São Paulo
  • Thermas Le Rouge 80 Pinheiros, São Paulo


  • befreel
    befreel reviewed Gula Gula Gávea Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Just above average, nothing more to expect.
    Lunch was nice. Fettuccine with funghi a little too rich. They should use olive oil instead of butter. Pricy, yes! Service good.

  • befreel
    befreel reviewed Wild Thermas Club Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Massage is worth the place.
    OK, been here several times and in fact there were not that many people in there. Nevertheless, I had a good time. Always! You don't really need to have a packed place, you just need the right ones at the right moment. Tried the massage. The masseur is professional and you can really relax during the session. I also tried the waxing. Good! I had badder ones in more sophisticated places. If you never had an anus waxing, I recommend it. It's quite an experience! It's the same Club where they have the CLUBE DOS PAUZUDOS, which I haven't attempt yet. The place is in a safe area but a little out of hand. I recommend a cab to go there. You have a taxi point just top the street for your way back, so no worries.

  • befreel
    befreel reviewed Upgrade Club Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Nice place where everything goes..... and everyone!
    Went there on a Saturday night and they had their 5th birthday party. Means that this place has been going on for 5 years! Was packed, with all sort of guys. Staff was really nice. They have an open smoking area, not the kind of dark closed space where smoking becomes a punishment. Not a lot of acting and giving attitude guys. Everyone knows why he's here and just goes for it. The place is downtown São Paulo, which means that you better not take risks and get there by cab, especially at night. When leaving, they have a security guard that will help you catch a cab, which is a PLUS, especially for "gringo's" like me. If you are in Sampa, don't miss out that place. Check out their web page for schedule:

  • befreel
    befreel reviewed Thermas Le Rouge 80 Over a year ago
    Loves it

    A nice cosy place where fun people can be met.
    I went there on a Sunday afternoon and I spend one of the greatest time amongst complete strangers ever. The place looks like every other bathhouse in the world. Do not expect any extravaganza. What made the difference was the people: THEY TALKED!!!!!! Yep, bathhouse goers can speak and if I had any doubt, that was lifted on this afternoon. I had a good time, I had it off several time and I will definitely go back for more. You will find all ages, all attitudes (yep, princesses know this place too) and you'll find it easy to fit in. Try it out, it's worth the entry fee.