Nick Mischel, 53. I am a licensed professional Barber, serving men's grooming needs in northwest Denver (including Arvada/Westminster/Wheat Ridge). I do trims, beard & mustache work, and varied haircuts, as well as traditional face shaves with a straight razor and hot steam towels. If you have hair (and even if you don't want hair) - I would appreciate your business. I sincerely want to be your personal Barber! (You may also follow me on Instagram: barbernickmischel.)

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    Food Memories Outlast a Changing Neighborhood

    Let me begin by saying I am very familiar with this area. I used to live in a townhome that shared the alley with the restaurantin the 90's, owned a healing arts center on the next block, and began my love affair with Benny's when the current location was a dry cleaners and the restaurant was then across the street in what later became the Aubergine and now Mizuna. It saddens me that you can go to a place that was around 30 years ago as a quaint "date place" to enjoy a chimichanga and margarita, but now go there and see it as more than a cantina - but is calling itself a tequila bar, is too loud to have a conversation with someone across the table , is overrun with young couples that bring their toddlers to roam amongst the tables, and where parking is a premium. In fact, a fence now surrounds the apartments and townhomes across the street from the restaurant because they are to be torn-down and replaced with new highrise loft apartments -- adding to the congestion of the once quiet neighborhood. On the positive side, the food has not changed. It is mouthwatering and flavorful to best any chain and most independent Mexican restaurants in downtown Denver. The combination plates haven't changed in decades and still offer combinations of items you do not see anywhere else. The price is still surprisingly affordable too! But as I looked around during last night's visit for dinner, I did not spot another gay couple in the gay masses. It was crowded and by the time we left, there was a line of people waiting to be seated. Still, not an identifiable gay couple or group to be seen, but all wanting in on what was once a gay-friendly gem to the community.

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    Unique for Denver

    A friend of mine on Instagram recommended I go to Needz because they sell a particular calendar he's made. Never having been there, I gave Needz a visit. The store occupies a gay-friendly block long associated with gay businesses, has ample hours to accommodate all schedules, and is like something you'd expect to see in New York or California. Yelp reviews mistake that they sell 2xist - a brand I was hoping they would have. While I didn't find what I was looking for, I did find the unexpected in a small collection of leather gear and penis pleasure items, as well as swimwear. Mostly a boutique for men's underwear (sexy men, sexy underwear) - I will stop short of calling it an "underwear store." It elevates Denver because it offers high-end underwear and exclusive collections not found anywhere else in the city. The guys at the counter are extremely helpful and nice - and you'd be comfortable talking with them all day long - and one cannot help but miss this kind of service/store offerings since the long-gone days of The Crypt, Heaven Scent Me, Unique of Denver, Cluttered Closet, and Card Blanche. That feeling alone makes me want success for Needz! Although I bought only one pair of underwear made from a local designer, Yocisco, - like the store - the underwear is unique. The design of the brief features room for your "basket," is an interesting color scheme, and fits as though it were tailored to my pelvis. I will be back and appreciate the fact that Needz is what Denver needs!