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  • Tony's Corner Pocket Fourth Ward, Houston


  • b.e.kline
    b.e.kline reviewed Tony's Corner Pocket Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Wow, Underwhelmed
    New to town…Did a little research. This bar seemed to advertise Bear events and a fun atmosphere. I showed up expecting to see some bear folk….None were there….neither was the friendly atmosphere. Bartenders were inattentive….crowd was unfriendly…and the show was fairly lame. This is Pride weekend 2014….super underwhelmed I guess expected some interaction from staff.I really felt like this bar put on a bait and switch. Bear bar was in the headline and twink/drag central was the reality. Maybe this bar needs to focus on the truth of it's patrons and clean up it's service act, regardless if you fit their mold. Very disappointing experience…wish Map quest made it even harder to find this place…I might have wasted less time. I thought I might want to join Bears of Houston….not if this is the sponsor bar.