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  • The Rail Hillcrest, San Diego
  • SRO Lounge Balboa Park, San Diego


  • atomiccowboy
    atomiccowboy reviewed The Rail Over a year ago
    Loves it

    MONDAY Night is OFF THE HOOK!!!!!!
    I couldn't stop going on Monday nights! Great 80's music, full dance floor, and good pours. I lived in San Diego four months and made several "bar fiends" on that one night of the week. A must do if you are visiting! The kinda night where you can look over at a stranger and just start kissing without any ?'s--free love is back and rocks at The Brass Rail.

  • atomiccowboy
    atomiccowboy reviewed SRO Lounge Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Fun Times, Strong Drinks, ask for bartender RAY!
    I lived in San Diego 4 months and found myself consistently drawn to SRO as a good place to start my night--or end it. You'll see trannys doing cartwheels, toothless men talking to themselves, a twink or two, pool players. You might feel almost afraid to go in as there are some panhandlers floating around the neighborhood, but it is safe, friendly--look for bartender Ray's infectious smile & Long Island--but most of all, entertaining. A FABulous dive!

  • atomiccowboy
    atomiccowboy reviewed Palomar Washington DC Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Rest With Style--Ask for Bartender Joe at Urbana
    If you want a unique place to stay while in D.C., then Palomar will put you to rest--it did me. I found this boutique hotel after walking around P Street NW, which has many restaurants. I had lunch in the hotel restaurant, Urbana, which was blah; however, I went back a few days later for "Happy Hour" in the Urbana bar--bartender Joe was THE Best mixologist I found in the entire city. Not only did he make us great drinks, but he also gave a lesson/sampling of various liquors. I did go on a night Joe wasn't there and the drink AND service wasn't quite the same. Long story short--just ask for Joe. Comfy, stylish rooms.