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    ashley.haberman.3 reviewed Gay 90's Minneapolis
    Over a year ago

    Harassment or service?

    I visit the 90's on a regular basis. Every other weekend for the past two years and have never had a problem. I visited lastnight, 5/13/12 and will likely never return. Although the dress code is not posted online, nor at the door I was turned away for having my pants slightly below waist level. I asked if I was able to pull them up and tighten my belt. (Yes, I was wearing a belt) & once again was denied. Seeing as I've never had trouble and am a regular patron, I asked to speak to a manager. I was then insulted by the bouncer, who decided name calling was necessary. "You can wait a half hour Justin Bieber." Several people in line stepped out and a few even left seeing how poorly the bouncer was treating me. I verbalized my intention to stay and a second bouncer began to curse at me insisting the manager didnt want to speak with me, although non such had been contacted. Very unprofessional and classless.