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  • The Dark Lady Downtown, Providence


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    BAD BUSINESS IN DOWNTOWN PROVIDENCE!!!! The Dark Lady in Providence, Rhode Islanddvertised that last night (7/27/13) they would be hosting a "Super Soaker Block Party" untill 3AM. Several of my friends and I headed there around1:45AM and paid a $10.00 admission to get in... Only to be told they were closing down for the night. There was no emergency and everyone was a little confused as to what was going on. There were hundreds of people there, inside the bar and on the blocked off street infront of the building. After speaking with the manager, we were told that they were intending to stay open omly until 2AM and that their advertising company had produced a misprint. However, we came to this event due to several Facebook posts promoting the new time (see below).  Approximately 8 of us requested our money back due to the misinformation leading us to head to the Dark Lady late night after leaving another bar that closed at 2AM.  The manager rudely told us that it was not his problem and that there was no way we would reimurse our money that we had paid several minutes before hand. The bartenders had already called last call... So most of us were not even allowed the opportunity to buy a drink.  The manager's decision to blatenly disregard his establishment's mistake and refusal to make it right showed deplorable customer service and a lack of respect for us individuals who have supported gay business in Providence, such as this, during such a dynamic and influential time in our state.  This is BAD BUSINESS in Providence and I know my friends and I will not be returning!!!