CK Moseley, 40. I'm CK. I'm stubborn. I'm overly curious. I'm addicted to sweets. I expect all my friends to do what they say they're gonna do and NOT do the things they say they won't do. Kinda hard to live in Miami and expect people to be on time though! I love the movies... From Superman Returns to The Devil Wears Prada, from the Descent to Forgetting Sarah Marshall... I love all types... And I can be a nerd sometimes... I bust out my gamecube or playstation 2 every once in a while... :) Don't hate! I can beat all ya'll motha's! I love friends especially those of good caliber... so if ya wanna be my friend... that's cool... just ask ;) what's the worst I could do... Ignore you? lol LATER!

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    armyboy20 reviewed Nine One Five
    Over a year ago

    Devil on Horseback appetizer = amazing. Filet mignon and grouper = ridiculously awesome.