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  • anthonymesparza2013
    anthonymesparza2013 reviewed Bambusa Bar & Grill Over a year ago
    Hates it

    Horrible experience...
    What a piece of shit bar... The owner wants to address a group that a drunk lady came up to and had no idea who she came with or what vehicle she came in.. clearly over served. So I go into the establishment without a shirt, I'm directed to put on my shirt before they want to hear what I have to say (protecting their asses) because I'm an advocate of the LGBTQ community. I told them she was overserved yet the manger told me he had to question my sobriety and maybe I was overserved (not good on his part) took my beer in front of me, when I went and knocked on car doors with headlights on to see if they came with here. Owner than decided to step up, yell in my face thinking I would back down. Who does that as an owner. I would be embarrassed to be an employee if the owner would scream at customers. #johntaffer Bottom line management ownership didn't take responsibility negligence and was disrespectful to a customer trying to make them aware. FUCK YOU! How dare you I don't recommend this to anyone! #ame #aggw #ame #equality #gaybars #history #donttreatmelikelessthan #shittybar #naples #swfl #realgaysofcapecoral #bravotv #logotv #lgbtq #getfucked