Anthony DiCapua, 31M.

Brooklyn, New York
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  • The Boiler Room East Village, New York
  • The Cock East Village, New York
  • Club Cumming East Village, New York


  • anthonydicap
    anthonydicap reviewed The Boiler Room Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Cheapest drinks as gay bars in NYC go .. 3.75 for mixed drinks and cheap beers .. Pretty fun and always here but i wish they would have a DJ instead of a juke box. A big ++ is they always skip lady gaga whenever someone tries to play her !

  • anthonydicap
    anthonydicap reviewed Club Cumming Over a year ago
    Loves it

    One of my favorites
    I'm here almost every weekend. Fun music, cool guys, good times.

  • anthonydicap
    anthonydicap reviewed The Cock Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Trashy and fun
    First time i went to the cock was gay pride 2012. When i walked in i've never seen anything like it.. There's a shower curtain when you walk in, it's completely pitch black. They used to have a dark room in the back where people would hook up but i think they took it down. Literally everyone was groping each other and even the go go boys were getting some ass. At first i didn't know what to think but it's a good experience -- the music is great and the people are usually sane and cool. There's always gonna be those 1 or 2 creeps walking around. I've been there a couple times afterwards and had a few laughs with friends and if you are looking to get some .. just go here on a weekend night.