Andres Buenaventura, 37M. Book worm,friendly,not hard on the eyes,hate fake and BS....Not into gay scene,or "community" prefer to be part of the world at large rather than cage myself in a gay ghetto.

Montreal, Canada
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  • Silverado Pearl District, Portland


  • andres.buenaventura.509
    andres.buenaventura.509 reviewed Silverado Over a year ago
    Hates it

    all these old queens have known each other since the 70's,in fact I believe they have stools with their names on them.Bartenders are bus like,but not friendly,unless you are 18 and under,then you will attention,dont leave a good tip as they dont appreciate it,and they dont care,they are all pedophiles,who support the junky whores who are "go go" dancers,and or sad die hard drunks who have no clue we are almost in 2015...Do y/self a favor,go to the Rialto,or stay at your hotel,or better yet skip this pretentious wanna be city and fly into a real city...Vancouver BC.

  • andres.buenaventura.509
    andres.buenaventura.509 reviewed Hawks PDX Over a year ago
    Hates it

    I read some clown's comment that this is not a bathouse,hahaha..apparently they work there,it is a fucking bathouse,nothing worng with that,the other choice in PDX is Steam(shitty attitude,we think we are a NYC BH)so when the chips are down,like cruising the bars,is all about luck....But I will say that Hawks has a friendly attitude,whereas steam leaves a lot to be desired,also Steam is small,ha sno private place where you can play unless you geta room,also they are out of the way,instead Hawks is centrally located,easy in and out..over all I prefer Hawks.Steam has a lot of gimmicks because they are part of a national corporation,but they dont deliver,at Hawks you get what you get,,and I have gaotten plenty.Dont support the Gay Mafia at steam,if nothing else go to Taboo....Steam does not deserve or earn your money.