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  • Glam Recoleta, Buenos Aires


  • americantourist
    americantourist reviewed Glam Over a year ago
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    Be warned ...Skip this club
    This club is found in the area of Palermo, a 20 minute cab ride from our hotel located near the obelisk. The club does not open not until !:00 a.m. Local Portenos make up 85% of the club. From my experience,Gay Portenos are not the friendliest people and the club ambience does not help. Entrance is overpriced at 50. While in the club, cocktail drinks are 50. The club has two dance floors. The major dance floor plays top 40 dance music but lacks the laser lights and great dance mix a good DJ might play. When the music is's like listening to the radio which made me want to ponder I could have stayed at hotel and downloaded MTV music. The other smaller dance floor plays 80s music with the sound system of poor quality. Both dance floors get crowded with the most locals getting abrasive... getting pushed and shoved by portenos is a common thing. The second floor has a dark room which has security. My friend went upstairs in the dark room. He was soo distracted with having locked lips with another guy that he did not notice that someone pickpocketed him. My friend lost his iphone and wallet. Management could not do anyhting about it . If I were you, Id stay away from this club.