Chapmansboro, Tennessee
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    Wrong not Wongs

    Asian with a fair flair. Wasnt impressed. (or was that the date I was with)? Humm?? I, actually, was not impressed with either of my choices: dinner nor date. The service was way better than the food. However, It was during the first week it opened, and I do like to give any place a second chance before I make my final judgement call. Esp. If my first encounter was during the first two weeks of opening. But I havn't found a time when I was brave enough to chance a second encounter. There are too many other great choices out there to choose that I trust and have become a more established with the food and service. On the plus side it is open late--with the late night crowd and maybe adding a cocktail will add in the tasty, "House of Yum" fruits of the labour right, (Oh, yea, I dont drink anymore). But still willing to give a secong chance