Austin, Texas
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  • Oilcan Harry's Warehouse District, Austin
  • Rain Warehouse District, Austin
  • Pecs Bar North Park, San Diego
  • Comptons of Soho Soho, London


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    adcard reviewed Pappy's Smokehouse Over a year ago
    Loves it

    The Hog Whisperer
    They like pork here. And so do I. And any place that places pork on a pedestal makes me happy. The place is crazy busy, but your food comes out fast. And it's oh, so good. Standard BBQ fare - brisket, pork, ribs, etc. Leave your diet at home. And if you really want to horrify some vegetarians and get all "Man vs. Food," they have the Big Ben -- a 6-pound mountain of pulled pork, beek brisket, chicken, ribs and four sides. One drawback: no beer (go next door to Buffalo Brewing).

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    adcard reviewed Hummus Bros Over a year ago
    Loves it

    A Pleasant Surprise
    At first glance, you might not think a meal with hummous as the base would do the trick. I was skeptical. But that quickly changed. Hummous is the star here, and they add a wide selection of vegetarian and meat toppings (I had lamb). The prices are reasonable, a rare find in SoHo. Probably because service is not automatically included in the bill, the waitstaff are fast, attentive and friendly -- so don't forget to tip!

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    adcard reviewed Matt's El Rancho Over a year ago
    Loves it

    It's Busy For a Reason
    In a town where TexMex joints are a dime a dozen, Matt's stands out. Generally good food (TexMex standards), great margaritas (not too sweet!) and a convivial atmosphere. Be ready for families from the 'burbs, though.

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    adcard reviewed The Fountain On Locust Over a year ago
    Loves it

    Great, Classic Food
    Imagine if you could open a restaurant ad only have your favorite dishes on the menu. I think that's what the owners of Fountain on Locust have done. Great dishes, local sourcing, no preservatives. And a bonus: good, classic cocktails! They are also quit famous for their ice cream -- amon the best you'll find in St. Louis.