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  • Crew Bar Green Point, Cape Town
  • Beaulah Bar Green Point, Cape Town
  • Savoy Cabbage City Bowl, Cape Town
  • Cafe Manhattan Green Point, Cape Town
  • Andiamo Green Point, Cape Town
  • Beluga Green Point, Capetown



  • Willemmm
    Willemmm reviewed Graton Guest House 1 year ago
    Loves it

    one of the friendliest guesthouses I ever stayed in
    I sayed a few times in the past and am looking to book it again. If that doesn't mean that it must be good then what is?

  • Willemmm
    Willemmm reviewed Beluga 1 year ago
    Loves it

    especially good for outside dining
    although also a bit more formal inside the outside tables are in a great spot, out of the wind and with heaters and coolers depending on the time of the year and the time of the day. In winter special menus (ask for them when not presented). Reasonably prices and good food!

  • Willemmm
    Willemmm reviewed Savoy Cabbage 1 year ago
    Loves it

    top restaurant
    have eaten here often but notice the management seemd to be less attentive and less involved than they used to be, Still good but not as good as in the past.

  • Willemmm
    Willemmm reviewed Cafe Manhattan 1 year ago
    Loves it

    reasonable food, great place!
    The place is especially crouwded betwee 5 and 8 PM but you can have lunch and/or coffee, dinner and drinks! Nice atmosphere!

  • Willemmm
    Willemmm reviewed Andiamo 1 year ago
    Hates it